Thailand happens to be my second residence consistently and my favorite base that I’ve discovered after almost eight years of traveling.

Backpacking Thailand is how my adventures began in 2011!

I’m hoping my in-depth guide right here, from someone who lived-in Thailand for about four years, will help you on your own activities around this incredibly breathtaking country. Here’s almost every single thing you need to know to correctly backpack Thailand and many additional articles that diving much deeper linked throughout!

Reach making plans for your amazing getaway…

Thailand provides a platter of welcoming characteristics.

The elements is ideal in a lot of parts across the country, days of hot sunshine with a warm sea-breeze. The jungles and mangroves, waterfalls and limestone mountains, caves and lengthy sluggish rivers form these types of a stark contrast from world you merely came from that you’ll feel like you’re in a dream…

Increase all that the old history, temples, museums, and bridges, which are a full time income experience of the past.

This wonder solidly establishes Thailand due to the fact paradise for the east world. Don’t even get me personally begun on the variety of fabulous meals and the cozy welcoming individuals. Oh, while having I mentioned the low priced prices?

We called this country residence for four years, and I also have actually a book’s worth of awesome thoughts that last me (and my visitors!) a lifetime.

Myself loving life in Thailand.

And what’s the easiest method to get an in close proximity and private feeling of everything that makes this country a paradise? Backpacking Thailand definitely!

How to Get to Thailand

Travel! The airport many people come through is in Bangkok; it’s low priced and simple to get direct flights.

You could in addition come through Chiang Mai or Krabi if you would like start in an alternative area and you’re ready to pay a little additional.

It is possible to naturally additionally come overland from one associated with the four nations that edge Thailand – Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

There are numerous edge crossings between your nations, roadways, railways, and also “friendship bridges,” that includes safety checkpoints and officials stamping passports.

If you’re in Laos, i’ve a guide for crossing the Chiang Khong to Huay Xai edge.

Backpacking Thailand: What to Do and the best place to get

Backpacking The Andaman Coast

Hello, island hopping! I will be in love with Krabi. It is all beachy, stunning, welcoming, and casual. You are able to get mountain climbing in Tonsai or get to sleep on available coastline of Railay. Both tend to be preferences of my own.

Then there are so many little day trips you can simply take from Krabi Town.

Krabi island trips will serve you well.

This gorgeous province situated in the southwestern shore of Thailand, regarding the crystal clear seas of this Andaman Sea, may be the place to walk and get lost for a week or two or three.

If however you possess some more time as well as perhaps are also taking a trip down to Malaysia, moving passed away the Trang isles could be a fantastic choice and. The famous  Emerland Cave (Koh Muk) is spectacular although, quite crowded. The majority of the various other islands, like Koh Kradan, are much more chill.

if you’re venturing down here, then you definitely mine as well hop to Koh Lipe aswell. Just a little oasis within the sea with hardly believable blue waters with no other need for not flip-flops, swimsuits, and perhaps snorkel gear.

We have lots more info regarding this shore, so feel free to continue reading more info on exactly what it’s like backpacking Thailand in this region.

Backpacking the Gulf Islands

More area hopping! Seriously however, it surely never gets old. The hawaiian islands inside country are beyond magical. The primary Gulf isles tend to be a trio of distinction.

Each island has its own charm.

Koh Samui is frequently when it comes to luxury seekers and households but you can certainly see some Thailand backpackers rocking up right here also. This island is one of the most costly places in Thailand though. Chaweng and Lamai are two of the very most well-known beaches additionally the northern shores typically provide much more serenity from the bustling tourist hubs.

Directly, Koh Samui piques little interest for me personally. I think there are better islands with much better views/beaches as well as a cheaper price.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is the wild party area with full moon raves in the coastline that attract communities when you look at the thousands. Yes, this is actually the residence to that Full Moon celebration. Each month, revelers from all corners of this globe attend the shit show beach celebration along with a great many other events that take place whenever it’s maybe not the full moon (Jungle, Waterfall, Ebony Moon parties…)

As an alternative, the northern part of the area is the greatest escape should you want to see and not get doused in neon, shoved around in the party flooring, or in general become a part of among world’s many crazy parties. If you can’t inform however, I’m maybe not the greatest lover among these events, individually! These are typically just a bit way too much with this grandma.

And Koh Tao, my personal favorite, may be the mellow diver area. You can hang here for several days on end having your dive certificate or simply relaxing in a hammock. Or both.

Four wheeling around is also rather enjoyable as a few of the more off the path roads tend to be somewhat rocky and generally are difficult for motorcycles. Snorkeling/diving from day to night, chilling at night. The island has undoubtedly got way busier through the years and has now also earned a bad rap because some dubious deaths but the majority of however are drawn to this place.

Backpacking Northern Thailand

Have actually we said about my adventures getting lost in Pai? often overlooked for obvious reasons (hello? Gorgeous shores towards the south anybody?), but even though it just isn’t a fabulous cliff-lined coastline, Pai is really worth the travel north and it’s a good backpacking Thailand knowledge for the hippy laid back vibes, waterfalls, and hammock spread valleys.

Pai Canyon

From Pai, or on the way to Pai, travel the Mai Hong Son Loop that fundamentally enable you to see most of the selection of Northern Thailand, through Mai Hong Son right and, needless to say, to your cosmopolis associated with north, Chiang Mai.

Rice paddies, caves, lazy rivers, and limestone mountain varies abound.

While you’ll still feel like you’re in paradise when you look at the north, it’s a tremendously different dreamscape than that of the south coastline as well as the countries.

Chiang Mai is the favored town when compared to Bangkok, myself. I’m undoubtedly a sucker for mountains being a stone’s dispose of if I’m looking for a little bit of a detox through the metropolitan life and Chiang Mai is a city without having to be a city. It’s big, but don’t anticipate skyscrapers, life is quick but it’s not quickly. I enjoy the speed and way of life right here.

Jump out-of-town and you can chase waterfalls, explore caverns, and go walking.

Before venturing out for the north, jump up to Chiang Rai for the White Temple and some other beneficial places. If you’re heading back down south, make an effort to make a quick visit Sukhothai, the old ancient money of Thailand.

Backpacking Central Thailand

OK, let’s mind to Bangkok! Here’s your chance to look at the major town.

You’ll get many nightlife, shopping, and city life out of your system. A sky club is crucial, Vertigo and Lebua are both great. Khao San Road is where virtually all the backpackers in Thailand flock to but there’s plenty more than simply that certain party roadway.

While backpacking main Thailand, you’ll be able to have a look at Ayutthaya with its dozens and dozens of stunning ancient temples, it’s simply an hour from Bangkok.

Koh Chang is an incredible area with pretty small beaches, Lonely Beach could be the perfect area for sunsets and cocktails, extended seashore is far-away from everyone and everything, and White Sand Beach is where all typical tourists go.

Koh Chang is arguably my most preferred island in the nation although i really do have an affinity towards every little thing in Krabi thinking about that’s my 2nd home… difficult telephone call.

Koh Samet is where all Bangkok weekenders head anytime you’re into the feeling to see in which the Thais go to break free, Samet is a cool choice.

Not to mention, you’ve gotta hit up Kanchanaburi so you can walk throughout the Bridge on the River Kwai, learn about WW2, and clamber around Erawan Waterfall.

Require even more guidance for making plans for your backpacking Thailand itinerary? Don’t worry about it, i obtained your back! We lived-in the nation for decades, so my schedule is very detailed. It can be used for two weeks to 8 weeks or higher.

Study My 2-Week to 2-Months+ Thailand Itinerary Here 

Most useful Food to test While Backpacking Thailand

Everyone else, myself included, will tell you, you have to take to widely known meals in Thailand. It’s one of several world’s most well-known cuisines for a reason. Oh, and because you’re backpacking Thailand, you’ll be thrilled to understand it’s dirt cheap.

Pad Thai – Obviously you’ve got to try Pad Thai, a wonderfully flavorful noodle meal with tamarind, herbs and lime juice; it can be vegetable only or integrate a combination of different meat or seafood. This can be literally the initial dinner every backpacker in Thailand consumes, as well as justification, you really need to spend a maximum of a 30-50B for starters on market.

Tom Yam – A spicy ginger lemongrass soup with huge shrimp swimming inside. It’s big-time convenience food in Thailand. Perfect for the termination of an extended day wandering.

Som Tam – A spicy salad fashioned with green papaya, hand sugar, peanuts and lime. To perish for.

Khao Pad – Literally deep-fried rice (or i ought to say, rice fried). A staple and easy meal for everywhere with veg, chicken, or pork.

Given that you’ve tried the most obvious, branch out a bit…

Curries – Yes, that’s plural. There are so many wonderful curries to use – red, green, yellow, masaman, Penang…oh my!

Khao Soi – More curry and my absolute specialty Thai meal. Coconut milk, curry, noodles (in both the broth and crunchy at the top), pickled cabbage, chili… with all the current designs and tastes in the world coming collectively in complete harmony. So so really pleasing.

Green curry is simply one of the main meals to test.

Tom Kha – Coconut lemongrass soup with ginger, lime juice, and a fascinatingly aromatic mixture of herbs and spices that produce the mouth area water.

Larb (or laab) – this can be a differnt one of my personal favorite meals EVER! It’s a minced beef, pork or chicken (tofu in my situation), meal with a number of chili and natural herbs (occasionally basil or mint) served with sticky or steamed rice. I would like this within my life usually.

Pad Ka Pow – The best Thai basil and chili meal imaginable. I can consume it nearly every time.

How to Get Around Backpacking Thailand

I’ve currently written thoroughly about transportation in Thailand for folks who need to get really deep beside me.

For everyone else who wants the short and sweet variation, suffice to say your transportation in this country varies from heartwarming and enjoyable to crazy and sketchy.

Trains – It’s very a personal experience to take these very slow-moving dinosaurs. The most famous is the night train that journeys from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or right back. It’s really a great and smart way to get around, but would be the slowest, which explains why I’d only recommend it as a way to travel when the sun goes down so that you don’t waste the day.

Buses/Minibuses – may be a good as a type of transportation, cheaper than other choices, and slow, however they get the job done. Just realize that your local coach is often better and the traveler one is known to be less safe and where theft can occur. Minibuses are usually used for distances around 5-6 hours or less together with bigger buses for extended and also instantly.

Planes – Cheap, simple, reliable. Nuff said? Air Asia usually has the cheapest prices and the essential routes. You could get from Chiang Mai to Krabi in just an hour or two including your time during the airport making the nation excessively accessible for those with a shorter time.

Motorbikes are the simplest way going around Thailand… Whenever you can drive. (helmets off simply for the pic!).

Motorbike – indeed, they’re enjoyable, as well as for some of those backpacking Thailand excursions, you are able to only go by motorbike (such as the Mae Hong Son cycle), but continue with care. Motorbikes need safety measures like helmets and being attentive to the roadways (rather than being a douche case!) The traffic could possibly get bad, the principles are non-existent, in addition to roadways are bad.

Transportation Idea for Asia:
Although you can merely book during the pier, coach or stop, you might reserve ahead for certain legs of journey to make sure you will get a seat on the day you’ll want to travel. is the best solution to try this. Book your next journey ahead of time so that you get one less thing to worry about.

Most useful Time For You To Go Backpacking in Thailand

When you is going actually is dependent upon your Thailand schedule.

If you plan to stay for months at a time, it truly doesn’t matter. Thailand is stunning all year round.

Most of the time, November to February and March to might will be the much better months to see the north using former really being slightly chilly at night. Might to November is when the rain is at it’s heaviest. Please note the north comes with a burning season too. March to mid-April locals burn the fields to get ready the crops for the next period.

Air quality can be very poor at this time and lots of flee south or check out back home. The mountains can’t be observed, build up from the ash gets within nose, it dusts the top of your furniture if the house windows tend to be available, and also you wake up towards smell of smoke. It’s unpleasant and backpacking northern Thailand at the moment might not be the best choice.

For the south, it really varies if you’re regarding the east or the west. Regarding the west shore, April through October is the rainiest, during the eastern, September and December go through the most rainfall.

This lake in Pai flooded while I became backpacking Thailand during rainy season. I came across myself waist deep in it one morning…

Generally speaking…

April, is overall, the yuckiest month to stay the united states as it’s the greatest. Usually the one perk? You’ll reach experience Songkran which is the world’s largest water battle as well as the vacation that’s celebrated across the country to “wash away” impurities.

Basically men and women run-around with liquid firearms partying for just two days to weekly straight depending on where you are. And luckily for us so because it has some relief from the warmth.

November to February is yet another basic screen that’s great for going to due to the fact weather condition is balmy, however, this may also be peak period for country. March to June is when it’s going to be summer AKA the greatest.

July to October is when probably the most quantity of rainfall does occur for nation but coming at neck months could possibly be worthwhile as costs are less expensive and places are usually less crowded.

At the end of the afternoon, we come here to visit the north and also the south, and many don’t have a lot of freedom due to their routine, therefore simply arrive here! Don’t fret way too much as weather is unpredictable anyway.

What It Prices to Backpack Thailand

Each one of these costs are per person/room, daily as they are merely round about averages.

I’ve offered helpful backlinks for each budget so you can get a much deeper consider what sort of accommodation most readily useful meets your cost. Everything is listed in Baht. (At the time of writing, 100 baht = $3 USD)

You can discover hostels for only 100B and resorts for over 8,000B, thus I simply offered you the average quantity getting your rims turning for your budget.

Side note for anyone backpacking Thailand who may possibly fall more in line with a flashpacker… splurge the additional $one or two on a legit guesthouse area if you’re anything like me. I don’t realize dorms whatsoever unless you’re that desperate to fulfill men and women, which I do get! (Although whilst a solo traveler we never ever remained included)

However, if you’re perhaps not trying to be personal every minute associated with the day, you’ll nab an exclusive area for virtually equivalent cost or even for an extra dollar or two, if that.

Brand new Thailand backpackers believe these are typically preserving a lot booking dorms but usually, they are even spending more. There are many dorms that charge reasonably limited once the personal room down the road is significantly less expensive. There are also a great amount of hostels that offer dorms and exclusive areas and that means you don’t must call it quits the personal aspect.

Can anyone tell I really don’t like dorms and I also actually price my privacy yet? Believed so.

Accommodation Costs in Thailand

Here are accommodation prices for the most famous areas in Thailand. Agoda is Asia’s hottest accommodation booking web site for this reason the reason why I associated with them for you really to take a look at. These are the best website for pre-booking your accommodation.

Area Prices
  • Hostels are about 300B
  • Guesthouses remain 400B
  • Accommodations are around 800B
  • Resorts are about 2500B

Find out more About: Where You Can Stay Static In Krabi

Koh Phangan
  • Hostels are around 500B
  • Guesthouses remain 600B
  • Resorts remain 1250B
  • Hotels are about 2500B
  • Hostels are about 200B
  • Guesthouses are about 350B
  • Resorts are about 1000B
  • Resorts are about 1400B

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Chiang Mai
  • Hostels are about 170B
  • Guesthouses are around 400B
  • Resort hotels remain 1000B
  • Hotels are about 2000B
  • Hostels remain 250B
  • Guesthouses are about 600B
  • Resorts are about 1100B
  • Resorts are about 2500B
Koh Chang
  • Hostels remain 450B
  • Guesthouses are about 800B
  • Hotels remain 1000B
  • Resorts are about 2000B

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Broadly speaking, the south while the countries are always more expensive compared to north. It far easier discover better discounts and stay on a stricter budget in Chiang Mai and Pai in the place of Koh Phagan.

Food and Drink Costs in Thailand

Neighborhood meals at market: 30B-100B

Local meals at a restaurant: 80-250B

Foreigner meals: 150B-400B (think western breakfast, spaghetti, lasagne, etc)

Fruit shake: 30B (but higher priced within the touristy spots and at restaurants)

Alcohol: 50B for a large Leo (at a 711)

A glass or two bucket: 200B (actually a sandcastle-type bucket with liquor and mixer typically sold around Bangkok and Koh Phangan.)

Motorbikes and Transportation Expenses

Motorbikes aim for 150B-500B plus with respect to the variety of bicycle and in which. The north, as stated, is less expensive. Helmets aren’t an option and seats can run you 250-500B+ per infringement/depending which officer draws you more than. They love getting their particular money from tourists without helmet.

Buses are about 500B or more if it’s an instantly coach and based what class your ride.

Trains are 700B-1600B depending what class you obtain and lengthy distances. They can be because cheap as 10B for an hour or two ride.

Minibusses remain 250B and up for a couple hours.

The songthaew was full, and so I hopped on straight back.

Songthaews (large taxi truck things) will be the cheapest trains and buses and will run 7B to 50B so you can get around city.

Tuk tuks tend to be regularly very expensive because their particular primary purpose is take with you tourists so rides is 100B+ for only going quarter-hour away. Also they are available, so all of the smog is getting inside face. I’ven’t ridden a tuk tuk since my first couple of months in the country, 8 years ago. I say do it for the experience but not as a normal mode of transport.

Taxis, the “regular” kind, such as a frequent car like you have in the home, are top around Bangkok. These are generally notorious for scamming tourists by wanting to negotiate an amount to you ahead of time if they should always be utilising the meter as an alternative.

Grabs can be obtained here also! Huge towns and cities are much much easier to bypass with Get today as it’s much more regulated and more difficult to have conned. Just download the app!

Tips for Backpacking Thailand

They’re cheeky little guys…

Frauds to Avoid While Backpacking Thailand

1. Taxi meters – Never be in a taxi if they won’t place the meter on. You’ll need maybe even ask five taxi guys before one finally agrees to use it. It is most frequent in Bangkok. Unfortuitously, in this instance, their particular yards may be rigged. Once you begin witnessing rates that you’d see back, get-out and hail a cab. This really is a challenging someone to stay away from unless you’re an experienced tourist or know the typical expenses.

2. It’s perhaps not closed – It’s a common scam to be informed things are closed (such as the Grand Palace in Bangkok) for them to whisk you away to a “magical place” that’s open. Alternatively, they take one to their particular friend’s shop wishing you get anything.

3. Gems – It’s a no! Just avoid gems, it’s likely you’ll be sold a worthless rock.

4. Travel companies – Don’t head into vacation companies and guide onward travel. You’ll be often remaining spending far more than exactly what all things are really worth or worse yet, your passes are fake. Book in the stations, on line, or only at reputable companies. Even then, no need to reserve ANYTHING. Just the next knee or two if you must.

5. Snatch and operate – such a thing holding down your shoulders in a crowded location is an invitation for theft. They will also repeat this while moving you on a motorbike. Wear mix human anatomy bags only.

6. Tourist buses – as stated, stay away from these. They take from bags into the undercarriage and worse, they may be able yell at you to get down in the middle of nowhere forcing that remain at their friends overpriced resort (this happened to my boyfriend years back, fortunately he put their foot down and didn’t get-off the coach, their friend dropped because of it though.)

7. Corrupt police – It still occurs. Don’t do medications or break laws and regulations and general you ought to be fine.

8. Fake authorities – On a similar note, there are “police” might need to see your passport, declare there’s an “issue” together with your visa, and try to fine you. Eliminate this by only holding a duplicate of the passport and saying you simply desire to be looked at a police station if they request one. You can even phone the tourists authorities to validate badges (call 1155).

9. Change – check always your change and understand your bills. There’s also a scam in which they declare your 1000B is a fake one, go into the returning to “double check” and then provide you with the actual artificial one and deny you a purchase.

10. The spill – anything is spilled or a “bird shat on you” away from nowhere! Oh no! A perfect distraction to seize a bag or snatch your wallet…

11. A free of charge program – Nothing is free, we realize this right? Therefore don’t believe them when they inform you you may get in for able to a place that regularly costs a cover charge if you simply buy a beer. That beer will be very overpriced.

12. Jet ski and motorbike – an automobile that’s hired should really be analyzed in more detail, photographed and videoed. They are going to you will need to blame the damage you that was formerly here.

13. Menu – Always purchase down menus with prices to them. if they don’t have costs they can provide you with a very inflated costs. Also, recall the roundabout rates whenever you do order because they generally will charge a fee more and once you ask to start to see the selection once more to verify, they provide you with a fake selection aided by the inflated rates (better yet, hold a menu at your table).

14. Side money – If you’re robbed or asked for money in a sketchy scenario, also have a few dollars, like some 100Bs and/or a 500B in a part pocket plus a real income hidden. That way it is possible to give roughly the same as $15 and obtain from the scenario quickly without dropping out on much and making the thief feel satisfied enough.

Don’t allow these cons deter you or frighten you! After four many years of taking a trip and surviving in the country I’ve just experienced theft from a visitor bus (nonetheless they made away with 2 pairs of $1 glasses, one half a bottle of sunlight lotion, and $3 of Malaysian ringgit who really destroyed out here?) and once an inflated menu scam…and that’s IT!

In general, you won’t encounter many or these cons, just maintain your wits about yourself and you’re likely to be fine… Oh and don’t do anything really stupid, that will help also. We truly need our common sense working while we’re abroad also, don’t think absolutely nothing bad can occur simply because you’re on a break.

I believe we’re done here, my friends. I must say I wish it was an excellent guide to allow you to get sorted through your Thailand backpacking travel. I have tons much more helpful links on Thailand, therefore return up-and visit all of them and I’ve added some here too.