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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the best prices for a hotel or flight?

Comparing the best prices for hotels or flights couldn’t be easier. Simply enter a town or city you would like to visit, and we provide a range of room/flight options along with the best price we could find online. If you already know which hotel you would like to stay at, you can enter this to compare prices.

How do I book a flight or hotel?

All bookings are made with the travel agent which can be purchased online. Travel2Cure simply provides tools to find the best prices on the internet and donates commision to charities.

How much is donated when I book?

We have different agreements with each travel agent, and varies depending on the hotel, flight, length of stay, value etc. Generally, hotels provide much more than flights, some budget airlines refuse to pay commision, but we list them anyway to provide you more choice. 

Is Travel2Cure a non-profit?

We proudly donate every time we get commision from a booking. While we are not a non-profit business, we are not looking to get rich, we honestly care about the important research being done to save lives. There are many costs involved in keeping the site running like server maintenance, marketing and administration costs that we have sort out before we donate, not to mention funding development of new features to help you find your next perfect holiday. 

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You can email us at 

Please note we are unable to assist with booking a flight or hotel, or modify an existing booking, please contact the travel agent directly.